Refund of Rs.80000 deposited at Kolors, Palavakkam Refund of Rs.80000 deposited at Kolors, Palavakkam

Myself Shanti and on 11th of September, 2022, I had visited the Kolors Adyar branch for an enquiry of a Laser Hair Removal. The executive who attended me very well influenced me and manipulated me to make a purchase of Weight loss and Laser Treatment by mentioning a one time offer etc. Even i got fooled by the Kolors executive and after all the manipulation, the team succeeded to get the payment of Rs.80500 from me, by offering me mny add on services and by telling me that I will get 100 % Result in the desired time frame.

After making the payment and when i was taken to the first service of Weight Loss service, from the first session onwards, the service person (person who was giving treatment) started manipulating and influencing to choose for a upgrading the package by making additional payment for desired results and they started making me believe that, the package that i have opted for, was not going to help me in any weight loss and therefore I needed to take another treatment. I took around 4 sittings in this category and every time i am entering the treatment room, they started manipulating me and force me to upgrade my treatment package. After getting 2 or 3 sessions I noticed that the place is maintained in a very unhygienic way and the towels and bedsheets were being used again and again on different customers without being cleaned or washed. Even the use and throw sheets were being used several times. I also started facing several issues with my body after going through the machines which were used very harshly on the stomach area and the sauna heat blanket with high temperature and i started getting skin burns. Even though this was informed to the available professionals but it was not considered.

Further, the 2nd service opted by me was Laser Hair Removal along with the weight loss package. During my enquiry time, i had clearly asked the executive about the side effects of the treatment and also checked whether the Laser Treatment would make any damage to the tattoos on my skin. But in a hurry to make me do the payment and for getting the business upfront, the executive had given me assurance that, no damage will happen to any part of my skin and the Laser that Kolors offers is completely safe. But during my first session itself, the Laser machine was giving me severe shocks and burns on my tattoo part of the skin. And also given me dark patches on my skin, making my skin look more ugly. I want to discontinue the services and get the refund of the money. As it is not a small amount to be neglected. This company is a fraud and have made false promises to many customers and have fooled them, the same way, they fooled me

Subhashis Paul

Responded 2 months ago

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A.Ma'am you should send a legal notice to the concerned company regarding refund of paid amount including compensation. If the concerned company fails to pay back on time then you must file a complaint before the District Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission of your local jurisdiction against the concerned company for its fraudulent activities.

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