Resignation before end of service bond. Resignation before end of service bond.

I have joined a company which has a 2 year service bond, but the contract paper was not a stamp paper. I have resigned after serving 7 months but now they are asking 100000/- bond amount by saying that I have breached the contract. But first of all in the company contract paper it was written that my probation period will be for 6 months but without even informing me my probation was extended, and also they never provided me any kind of training, not single penny is used from their side for my training. I have submitted all my office assets to them and they have accepted. But now they are asking for money by sending me mails. What to do please help.

Kishan Dutt Kalaskar Retired Judge

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A.Dear Sir,
u just ignore their calls and messages. for such meagre amount they may not approach court to recover the amount. The law on this point is as follows:
Fertiliser and Chemical Travancore Pvt. Ltd v. Ajay Kumar and Others
Three trainees were selected by the employer who signed a bond stating that they would obtain two years of training in the company and after the training they will put in at least five years of service in the company. In the event of breach of this condition Rs. 10,000 was to be paid as reasonable amount of compensation for the damages to be likely incurred by the employer. The trainee resigned after five months of training. The High Court of Kerala held in this case that though the candidates were selected for training and not for permanent service, it still involved a lot of time, energy and expenses of the employer. The employer will surely suffer loss when a trainee breaks the condition of bond and walks off. The employer is derived of the expected service of a competent person. Breach of bond by the trainee is aspect entailing damages to the employer. Only the quantum of damages needs to be decided.

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