Q. Loans debts

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Juhi Pandey

posted 6 months ago

Q.Loans debts
I have started business and have taken so many loan from different different financial institution and have 4 credited cards on which we have overall 30 lacs .Due to business losses I shud my business .i do not have any penny to pay I sold out my car and asset of business I do not have anything to pay I started working but salary I was get in only sufficient to bear my day to day expense. Pls advice.

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J S Pawar

Experience: 4 Year(s)

Responded 6 months ago

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A. ) Job or salary is not coming to ur rescue. Only u can survive on it but business problems not going to b solved entirely. Start some other business legally n explore some Govt or Banking helps/subsidies etc. Regular flow n expense of money would give u way out from present crisis. For further n additional advice plz call or sms on 9867368378 or 9221459697. This is ex Army person Advocate JS Pawar practising in High Court Mumbai. Advice without prejudice n to b taken in one's own feasibility....

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