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Child Custody Laws in India

Parents are understood to be the natural guardians of their children. But if parents separate through divorce, or if parents die in an accident, who takes care of the child? Answers to such questions are the subject matter of laws for child custody in India. Child custody lawyers have to apply such personal laws depending upon the religion of the parties. If there is no specific religious law applicable or the religion is unknown, the Guardianship and Wards Act, 1890 takes charge. Personal laws may sometimes compromise the children’s welfare, and in such cases the case laws become savior for kids, or parents for that matter.


Child Custody Lawyers in Vadodara

For any legal matters arising in Vadodara, one should contact only Baroda lawyers rather than those from other cities or states. Child custody advocate in Vadodara helps clients with legal consultation and also during case before the courts. One may find the child custody lawyers in Vadodara below on this page. Consultation with a lawyer for child custody in Vadodara is recommended before hiring professional services. It is also suggested to know the child custody lawyer fees in Vadodara along with other facts as explained below.


Lawyer for Child Custody in Vadodara During Divorce

Divorces are usually of two types, one where both the parties mutually agree for divorce (represented by mutual divorce lawyers in court). In this case, the couple may mutually decide who will take permanent custody of the child while giving meeting rights to the other. The other type signifies contested divorce whereby a legal battle is obvious for everything. The role of child custody lawyer in Baroda is significant in such matters.


Questions and Answers for Child Custody Lawyers in Vadodara


Q- What do Vadodara lawyers for child custody do?

A- In order to seek legal opinion for custodial matters, I may need child custody lawyers near me in Vadodara. If divorcing the spouse while having a child from that marriage, there will be a need to hire a lawyer for custody case in Vadodara in order to be legally represented in the court of law.


Q- How much do famous child custody lawyers in Vadodara charge?

A- Litigation lawyers do not have a monthly fixed salary. The same applies to the lawyer fees for child custody cases in Vadodara. The child custody lawyer fees in Vadodara may depend upon facts of the case (how difficult will it be to convince the court), availability of supporting evidence, experience of the child custody advocate in Vadodara, etc.


Q- Do Vadodara divorce lawyers deal with child custody?

A- It may vary among the various legal professionals as to whether they are too specific or take up any matters. Since divorce and custody are inter-related matters, child custody lawyers of Vadodara may be the same dealing with divorce cases. However, it should be noted that divorce is not the only scenario whereby child custody has to be decided.


Q- How to choose expert child custody lawyers in Vadodara?

A- When it comes to hiring a lawyer for child custody in Vadodara, one should first go for a consultation session. Find out the child custody lawyers in Vadodara contact number through sources. This will make it easier for the common man to understand the legality behind the step to be taken by invoking court proceedings. This will also help whether to hire the said child custody lawyer in Baroda or a second opinion is required to have a confirmation in the interest of the child.

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