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Civil Lawyers in Kolkata

All such cases where there is no application of criminal laws, the matter is dealt with by Civil lawyers in India. There are certain rights declared by laws in India which are enforceable in the courts of law. Disputes related to property, family, divorce, child custody, contracts, businesses, etc. are heard and decided in courts of suitable jurisdiction with the help of lawyers. If you are searching for civil lawyers in Kolkata, given below is the list of Vidhikarya Kolkata civil lawyers.

What do the Civil Lawyers in Kolkata do?

The experienced civil lawyers in Kolkata or any other place first of all understand the facts of the case brought before them. The civil lawyers in Kolkata will give their clients the most genuine legal advice in their interest. Also, where there is lacuna on part of the client in terms of documents or otherwise, they will disclose them as well. A civil advocate in Kolkata knows beforehand whether the client is rightful or not and how complex the case may be. Thus, it is the duty and also a trait of civil lawyers in Kolkata to make their clients aware of the actual situation and chances of efficiency in available legal remedy and what the client seeks. When facts of the case are understood and discussed upon, the client shows his willingness to hire that particular civil lawyer in Kolkata and signs the Vakalatnama which is filed before court as a first document. Facts of the matter are explained to court by civil lawyers in Kolkata representing both the parties. Relevant evidence and witnesses support the facts and thereafter, the court decides the matter. Civil matters usually are more time consuming.  


Major Types of Civil Lawyers in Kolkata

  • Corporate Lawyers in Kolkata - Kolkata has become a hub for companies and requires a lot of documentation, which is also a practice area of civil laws.
  • Family Lawyers in Kolkata - Matters related to family laws in India like marriage, adoption, child custody, etc. are dealt with by civil lawyer in Kolkata with expertise in family laws.
  • Divorce Lawyers in Kolkata - Since cases of divorce are increasing in the country, the instances are normal in Kolkata as well. Whether it is mutual consent divorce or contested divorce, a civil advocate in Kolkata is always required for better understanding of legal concepts.
  • Property Lawyers in Kolkata - Property is well known to be a subject of civil laws, unless it involves some criminal act like theft, etc. Thus, legal matters of property are dealt with by the civil lawyers in Kolkata.
  • Intellectual Property Lawyers in Kolkata - Since property is not confined to real but otherwise as well which comes out of mind (intellect), rights are given to the owners and this, civil advocate in Kolkata with experience in IP deals the matter.


FAQs on Civil Lawyers in Kolkata

Q- How to find civil advocate near me?

A- In order to find civil advocate in Kolkata in nearby locations, the list of Vidhikarya civil lawyers in Kolkata is given below.

Q- Who is the property lawyer in Kolkata?

A- Check out the list of Kolkata property lawyers and choose the for your case. 

Q- Who is the civil lawyer in Kolkata?

A- The civil lawyer in Kolkata is the one who understand your case, whose fees fit your pocket and gives you a genuine path which is the in your case.

Q- How much do the civil lawyers in Kolkata charge?

A- The income of experienced civil lawyers in Kolkata varies according to whether they are practising in lower courts or whether it is a civil lawyer in Kolkata high court. The experience and success rate also matters which enhances the fees of civil lawyers in Kolkata.

Q- Where can a civil lawyer in Kolkata work?

A- A civil lawyer in Kolkata can work anywhere in Kolkata or India and in any potential field. However, a civil advocate in Kolkata usually works in Kolkata courts, but is eligible to work in any other court in India as well.