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Property Lawyers in Kolkata

When it comes to the word ‘property’, it can be understood as anything that can be owned by a person due to the value it holds. Human history depicts the existence of concepts of ownership and possession since ages. The various types of properties based on their characteristics include tangible and intangible, intellectual property, movable and immovable, etc.

Ownership and possession of a property are concepts governed by civil laws in India. As per the Transfer of Property Act (TPA), property can be transferred from one person to another through various modes. It can be sold, gifted, transferred through will, mortgaged, leased and so on. Since it is a matter of ownership among humans, it often becomes a topic of dispute whereby property lawyers are required.

A property located in Kolkata will be governed by the local laws of the area regarding revenue etc. as well as the central legislations. The property lawyers in Kolkata can be consulted in case of disputes. It is better to understand the nature of property and its legal stand in case the need of property lawyers in Kolkata arise.

Right to Property in India

The original copy of The Constitution of India, 1950 incorporated the ‘right to property’ under Article 19(1)(f) as a fundamental right. The provision read as “no person shall be deprived of his property save by authority of law”. However, the same was under conflict in case of Kesavananda Bharati v. State of Kerala and Another, (W.P.(C) 135 OF 1970). Thereafter, the Janata Party repealed the right to property from the list of fundamental rights through the 44th Amendment Act in 1978. It was made a constitutional right under Article 300-A.

In the case of Rustom Cavasjee Cooper v. Union of India, (1970 SC 564) the Supreme Court has elaborated the concept of property. It depicts a person’s right over anything of value for which he does not depend upon another person’s courtesy. It may be ownership, estates and interests in material objects, and also intellectual property rights through trade-marks, copyrights, patents. It also includes right against another person regarding transfer through debts, etc. and gives the capacity to being injured as well.

Property Disputes in Kolkata

Ownership of property activates diligence in the owner regarding ways through which such property can be saved from the rest of the world. Given below are the kinds of conflicts that may arise which may lead to the need of property lawyers in Salt Lake Kolkata, property lawyer in Howrah or property lawyer in Serampore, property lawyer near me as the case may be depending upon the location.

  • Ownership and title conflicts
  • Adverse possession
  • Cancellation or challenges against transfer
  • Easement rights
  • Co-ownership of property
  • Co-sharers
  • Tenancy
  • Revenue records
  • Trespassers
  • Benami transactions
  • Partition of property
  • Possession conflicts
  • Unauthorized occupation
  • Void or voidable transfer of property

FAQs for Property Lawyers in Kolkata

Q- How much does it cost to file a civil suit in Kolkata?

A- The expenses for filing a civil suit includes court fees based on the market value of property under conflict, lawyer fees in Kolkata, etc. The expert property lawyer in Kolkata may charge more than others.

Q- How much do property lawyers charge in Kolkata?

A- The property lawyer fees in Kolkata depend more upon the reason for which a legal professional is required. The lawyer fees for property registration in Kolkata costs as per the market value of the property. In case of conflict, the fees for property dispute lawyer in Kolkata may vary based upon the difficulty of the matter involved. Also, the expert property lawyer in Kolkata may charge more attributing the experience and success rate. 

Q- How to find property registration lawyer in Kolkata?

A- Given below is the list of property lawyers in Kolkata. If I need to seek consultation while buying a property, an advocate for property registration near me will be more convenient.

Q- Is Registration compulsory while buying a property in Kolkata?

A- Yes, for any sale or purchase of a property in Kolkata or anywhere in India, registration is a must. Help must be taken from property registration lawyers in that regard. Otherwise, at the time of any conflict regarding such unregistered property, there will be no evidence to be produced before the court.

Q- Why hire a property lawyer?

A-  Hiring a property lawyer is essential to ensure that your real estate transactions are legally sound and that your interests are protected. Property Lawyers can provide expertise in navigating complex real estate laws, contracts, and potential disputes, offering peace of mind and safeguarding your investments in property.


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