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Regardless of the city you are living in, when the need of divorce lawyer comes up, personal life is a mess for all. The urge of finding the divorce lawyer in Howrah or another city based on location might be the need of the hour. People often wish to know ‘why should I search for a divorce lawyer near me?’. The answer is the significance of location and jurisdiction. It is always good to seek advice from a nearby divorce lawyer since they will be responsible for carrying forward your matter in the suitable family court. Your search should be specific like divorce lawyer in Alipore court whereby the court is mentioned, or as per city like divorce lawyer in Howrah.

Concept of Divorce

India being a country of culture and traditions, it is dharma to marry and accomplish one of the solah sanskar. The tradition does not limit to Hindus but merely the term varies. Other religions in India also perform the social institution of marriage like Nikah for Muslims, wedding for Christians, etc. The venues and customs vary depending upon the religion and so does the applicable personal law since there is a lack of uniform civil code.

Since marriage is governed by the parties’ personal laws, when this social institution breaks, that also takes place through the personal laws. Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 is applicable where both husband and wife are Hindus (the term also includes Buddhist, Sikh and Jain), Sharia law governs marriage between Muslims. Since the laws applicable to Muslims are a bit arduous to understand, advice from Muslim Law lawyers is suggested. Marriage and divorce amongst Christians is governed by the Christian Marriage and Divorce Act, 1957. The concept is a bit laborious and tiresome, hence, it is always advisable to parties seeking divorce to reach out divorce lawyers in India to understand the technicality of laws applicable as per the facts of their case.

Divorce Lawyer in Kolkata

If you are searching for a Kolkata divorce lawyer, the same have been listed below. Legal matters are heard by courts according to jurisdiction which is decided by the location of the act or parties related. Matters related to divorce in Kolkata are argued and thereby decided in the family courts. 

Parties may seek a mutual divorce lawyer in Kolkata if the facts of the case so allow. It may require understanding the various grounds which may fit if it is contested, which should also be understood through a Kolkata divorce lawyer if the marriage was solemnised there or one or both the parties resided there after marriage. The parties to marriage, i.e. husband or wife have to share their personal information related to marriage and dispute with a lawyer for divorce in Kolkata. They may also seek divorce lawyers in Kolkata, contact number, if available and setup appointments accordingly

Divorce Courts in Kolkata

Since matters related to divorce in Kolkata hold much importance with the place of stay. The same decides the court in which matter will be instituted by the divorce specialist lawyer in Kolkata. Given below is the list of family courts in Kolkata:

  • Barasat Court
  • Alipore Court
  • Calcutta Family court
  • Baruipur Court
  • Barrackpore court
  • Howrah Distrcit court

Important Pointers before reaching Kolkata Divorce Lawyer 

A detailed discussion with Family lawyers in Kolkata is advisable to parties seeking divorce in Kolkata. The reason being that it is not only the termination of marriage but commencement of financial obligations like maintenance and alimony mostly for the husband but sometimes for the wife as well. Also, if there is one or more child born out of that marriage, one should discuss the matter with child custody lawyers in Kolkata to understand the outcome of discussion of the matter with divorce lawyers in Kolkata.


FAQs on Kolkata Divorce Lawyers 

Q- Who is the divorce lawyer in Howrah?

A- There is no in a profession like litigation. If you need the divorce lawyer in Kolkata, explain facts of your marriage and dispute and look forward to the expertise of the divorce advocate in Kolkata in that subject. It is advisable to search Howrah court lawyers list, then filter the divorce lawyer in Kolkata, discuss your matter and decide accordingly. 

Q- How can I get divorce in Kolkata?

A- The process for divorce in Kolkata starts with an in-depth consultation with a lawyer in Kolkata for divorce. After understanding the facts, the Kolkata divorce lawyer shall file an application with the concerned court and thereafter both parties will be heard. If the court finds any scope, they may send parties for counselling or mediation. If they feel that it's an irreparable end, the court may grant divorce. 

Q- How to choose a divorce lawyer in Kolkata? Is finding divorce lawyers near me important?

A- It is difficult to choose the perfect divorce lawyer in Kolkata. The parties may search through a location like divorce lawyer in Howrah or it may be court specific like divorce lawyer in Alipore court.

Q- How much are lawyer fees for divorce in Kolkata?

A- The divorce lawyer fees in Kolkata vary depending upon the experience of divorce lawyers in Kolkata and criticality of the case. Mutual divorce lawyer in Kolkata may charge less as compared to the one handling contested divorce.

Q- What happens if the wife refuses divorce?

A- If the wife denies contacting a mutual divorce lawyer in Kolkata but the husband wants divorce, he has to satisfy one of the grounds for divorce as deemed fit under the applicable personal law. Search online for divorce lawyers in Kolkata contact number and have one-to-one consultation for his personal matters. 

Q- How to file a mutual divorce in Kolkata?

A- The Mutual divorce lawyer in Kolkata will help with this task. Parties have to prepare and sign the papers for mutual divorce. The same is submitted before the concerned court and considered thereby.

Q- What is the law for divorce in Kolkata?

A- Divorce laws in Kolkata, like the rest of India, are primarily governed by the Indian Divorce Act, 1869, and the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, for individuals belonging to different religious communities. The specific legal procedures and grounds for divorce can vary depending on factors such as religion and personal circumstances, and it's advisable to consult with a family lawyer in Kolkata for accurate guidance and information regarding divorce proceedings in the city.

Q- How do I approach a divorce lawyer?

A- To approach a divorce lawyer, you can start by researching local lawyers online, seeking recommendations from friends or family. Once you have a list of potential lawyers, schedule initial consultations to discuss your case, fees, and how they plan to handle your divorce, which will help you make an informed decision on hiring the right divorce lawyer for your needs.