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To avoid any kind of confusion, it should be made clear here that a criminal lawyer in Kolkata is not a criminal himself but a legal professional practising criminal law in particular. Criminal lawyers are required when there is a legal matter which in its essence has application of criminal laws. Criminal lawyers in Kolkata represent their clients from prosecution or defence side, as the case may be. Jurisdiction is important for legal matters, and matters of crime that took place in a particular area shall be tried in the court of jurisdiction and criminal lawyer in Kolkata should be hired accordingly. For example, the criminal lawyer in Alipore Court may be of great help in the Alipore court matters. In the criminal courts, a certain process has to be followed keeping regard with the client’s interests. Kolkata anticipatory bail lawyers may help safeguard their clients against arrest in case of apprehension.

Who is a Criminal Lawyer?

If you are a victim, or an accused in a case of crime against body like kidnapping, murder, stalking, or crime against property like theft,dacoity, etc., you will need legal assistance to represent you in the court of law during trial. Such assistance is managed by a criminal lawyer in Kolkata if the legal proceedings are taking place there and otherwise if the case requires so. The expert criminal lawyer may have specialisations in particular provisions based on his expertise, like lawyers for sexual crimes represent their clients in matters of rape, stalking, outraging the modesty of a woman, etc. Since the criminal process also involves arrest of the accused for investigation purposes, lawyers for anticipatory bail must be consulted if someone apprehends arrest in a criminal case.

FAQs for Criminal Lawyers in Kolkata 

Q- Who is the no.1 criminal lawyer in Kolkata?

A- Given below is the list of criminal lawyers in Kolkata. Who may be a experienced criminal lawyer in Kolkata may vary as per experience and more importantly the success rate of the legal professional.

Q- How many types of criminal lawyers are there?

A- In a case of nature that involves application of criminal laws, there are two sides of attorneys.

Q- What is criminal lawyer fees in Kolkata?

A- It depends upon the facts of the case and the experience of a criminal lawyer in Kolkata. For example, experienced criminal lawyers in Kolkata High Court may charge much higher as compared to those practising in Session Courts.

Q- How can I become a criminal lawyer in Kolkata?

A- In order to become a criminal advocate in Kolkata, one has to complete the LLB course which may be pursued for 5 years after high school or for 3 years after graduation in India. Thereafter, experience in the lower courts is a must to start as a criminal lawyer in Kolkata. It is also advisable to join a renowned criminal law firm in Kolkata. With more experience and skills, one may rise as the criminal lawyer in Kolkata.

Q- Can I hire a criminal lawyer from any state other than kolkata?

A- Yes, it is possible but not advisable. Because a criminal lawyer in Kolkata will be well versed with the process and also easily available in case any kind of consultation is required.

Q- How to find criminal lawyers in Kolkata High Court?

A- Based on their experience and expertise, experienced criminal lawyers in Kolkata extend their practice area in specific courts. Thus, refer to the Kolkata High Court Criminal Advocate list and decide accordingly.

Q- Who is called a criminal lawyer ?

A- A criminal lawyer is a legal practitioner who specializes in defending or prosecuting individuals or organizations accused of involving in criminal offenses and represents them in legal proceedings in a court of law.



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