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Muni venkata Shyam Sundar Kamisetty

Hi team, We have filed Eviction case OS 141/2016 on commercial property in prl.junior civil judge still now case pending for wrtten statement. How many years can a case kept pending for written statem

Posted 3 years ago

A. Yours is long and complicated issue, better to take guidance & help from the Professional Property Lawyer from the panel of Vidhikarya on all aspects of the issue immediately.


I am christian and I'm in love with a Muslim girl. We both are matured and we want to get marry. But her family is not agreeing for that and not even ready to listen me. And my life is under threat no

Posted 3 years ago

A. For marrying for adults religion is not the cretaria only their willingness to marry, as per the special marriage act.You have to keep faith in you & your future wife.It is very sensitive & delicate issue till you are legally married under the special marriage act.You have to follow certain basic.
1.Never to visit Girl house or the area particularly when you are alone against all temptations.
2.Never to speak in public or your future actions under any circumstances
3.Never reveal your future pla ...ReadMore

Rajesh Kumar

How to become a taxation lawyer and what is the role of taxation lawyer.can a taxation lawyer become it department officer, if yes what is the process for it.

Posted 3 years ago

A. Dear friend,
Please come to my office or visit any senior office you will be advised suitably.
Hello, My in laws are threatening me with very abusive language and are saying they will file dv and 498a. This is my 2nd marriage and I have already fought 498a up to supreme Court at the time of 1s

Posted 3 years ago

A. Dear Sir,
If you are afraid then do one thing go to the house of your wife stay there for month and her parents simply send her with you without any single word. Surrender to the circumstances.
My grandfathers property( built by him &his two sons) was given to his sons after 15 years of his death. The prop is 120 yard land with 3 stories, the front 3 flats given to elder son(my uncle) & behi

Posted 3 years ago

My father had a house property which was divided equally into his two sons, me and my elder brother ligally. There are some common places in this property like bathroom,stair cases etc which can be us

Posted 3 years ago

A. Dear Sir,
You purchase portion of your brother as you have preferential right over it and your brother no more residing in it. Secondly you may file suit for permanent injunction to protect your privacy and legal right as follows.
Understand Your Easement Rights on Your Property
ust because your name is on title of the new home you’ve purchased doesn’t necessarily mean that no one else h ...ReadMore
Boy & girl both r Hindus.Boys first wife is living with her parents since 1yr..he married other girl & second girl executed notorised affidavit stating that she has married on her will & knows that bo

Posted 3 years ago

A. 1. The 2nd marriage is not valid as per HMA.

2. Get the court order to make 2nd marriage void and nullify.

3. Pls consult me personally to discuss.

alai rathod

I am separated from my husband in 2008, now I am settled abroad. As my son was 9 yrs old and boy, he stayed with my husband. Now my husband is no more. I want custody of my child. But my inlaws are no

Posted 3 years ago

A. dear client you can contact some advocate in india who can serve legal notice to your laws and pursue the matter. Any how contact

Vikas Kumar

I was working in a company name SAdhu Forging Ltd I had given one month to company after resign and they accepted After 2 weeks when I asked for my dues they denied to give and send mail me that I'

Posted 3 years ago

A. Dear Sir,
Please see the following rules.
Is notice period (3 months) legal in India?
It may help to think of a buyout agreement as a sort of "prenuptial agreement" between co-owners: It determines what will happen if your corporation's owners decide not to stay together 'til death do them part.
The law provides remedies if a promise is breached or recognizes the performance of a promise ...ReadMore

Rakesh Gupta

What is the average fees of a high court lawyer

Posted 3 years ago

A. 1. Pls respect lawyer profession :-). I request you to not to post question without posting your actual legal issue.

2. Lawyers charge clients based on the case.
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