Differences Between a Business Lawyer and a Corporate Lawyer

October 9, 2019, 4:13 pm | Updated December 2, 2022, 9:36 am IST
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Business lawyer: The Ground Level Details

An attorney who is supposed to take into consideration, the issues that affect businesses such as taxation, variety of business-related transactions and intellectual property to give an angle to his legal practice is known as a business lawyer.

Small businesses that are not well versed with the processes related to enacting their business models, get their advice from a business lawyer who covers almost all aspects of a business by carrying an in-depth analysis of the required case. Talking about startups, well these also require the very detailed implementation of rules and regulations which will help them establish something effective. Also, business lawyers deal with handling lawsuits, overlooking the staff manuals, implementing the standards followed in major Startup law firms and put into enforcement certain effective policies.

Business lawyers in major law firms come with another set of specialities. These include writing a plan for businesses, doing thorough research for the name and logo for a business that is not bounded by and copyright or trademarks, drafting partnership agreements with the legal terms and conditions and providing start-up companies with a descriptive idea of all legal summaries that are required. Another set of activities performed by them includes dealing with entities, conducting an investigation of businesses and filing complaints.

Corporate lawyer: The Ground Level Details.

Businesses on a large scale are represented by corporate lawyers. Their work ambiance is of a very fine corporate setting. Another term that is sometimes used for corporate lawyers is a transactional lawyer. They help write contracts in order to avoid any litigation. Also, they manage the legal work that happens in the background in emerging companies. Corporate attorneys are sometimes litigators. Basically the are lawyers who defend corporations if it is being used in some way and they bring against any entity if required to.

They comprise of experts who are quite seasoned and have worked as an in-house counsel. They work parallel to other departments in a business and coordinate with other teams to maintain a good workflow. They move towards making effective business decisions that are in accordance with the local and international law.

A corporate lawyer is needed to incorporate a business or just in case, it has already been incorporated, they are required to provide further advice. Also, if the business model is built on a small scale and it works around with contracts and international identities, then it is the work of a corporate lawyer to ensure that both the parties involved in the process are complaint and the contract is valid enough. It is the work of corporate lawyers to walk through and see for any changes in acquisitions, issues that involve corporate structure and rights involving investors.

Business Lawyer vs. Corporate Lawyer

One of the points which work towards establishing a difference between corporate lawyers and business lawyers is that corporate lawyers are inclined towards coming up with guidelines involved in purchases and selling of items. Corporate lawyers are also good with the bureaucratic procedure adopted by selling services in the international market. Corporate laws have a significant impact on businesses. In this case, there have been many companies that have been involved in legal troubles which have mainly occurred due to some breach in the corporate mandate. On the other hand, business lawyers cover areas related to employment and taxes.

Corporate law constitutes of identities belonging to the corporate world and the way they are managed and formed. Other areas such as employment and transactions are covered in business laws. Both these areas cause an effect on businesses and businesses are largely impacted due to these and these have proven to be vital assets to the business irrespective of its size. What comes under these entities are limited liability partnerships, sole proprietorship, and mergers.

Business Lawyers and Corporate lawyers also play a crucial part in startups. They look towards the basic legal aspects required for establishment. The differentiation, in this case, can be made on the basis of the activities that are performed. Business majorly involves selling and buying goods and services whereas corporate law is concerned with activities of an organization such as carrying out operations, activities, and validity.

Startups have to deal with new business decisions as may be required according to the customization of the firm. We can also involve the contents of business law and corporate law in our discussion of the differences between both types of lawyers.

So, the legal aspects of sales and distribution of goods and services form the crux of corporate law whereas acquisitions, mergers, and formation of companies and rights related to shareholders and the legal view of the same come under business law. Sometimes it is the requirement of companies that includes people having a detailed knowledge of both the laws.

Different roles are played by the federal and state government in the regulation of business law. The purchase of stocks is controlled by the federal government. Also, they form additional laws as may be required by the governments depending on the necessity.

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Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams

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