What and how Property Lawyers do their job

Avik Chakravorty
What and how Property Lawyers do their job
In this blog what has been discussed is the property lawyer's role in regards to the myriad of issues homebuyers may have to deal with while purchasing their homes and how they can be taken for a ride by the developer under one pretext or the other to delay delivery.

What’s land law all about? What's it that property lawyers do and how do they do it? These are the queries that pop up in one’s mind as one gets initiated in the real estate business and the only way one can get answers to these questions is by seeking advice. 

Oftentimes even after paying a couple of lakhs of rupees as a down payment on a flat, that is under construction the builder or developer does not start construction work on the plea that due to unforeseen circumstances, the construction work had to be withheld. A few months could very well have elapsed and the work may be pending.

At this point, the developer/builder may be asked by the homeowner to clarify matters. Once the seemingly lackadaisical attitude of the developer is noticeable heated arguments may ensue followed by threats of a possible lawsuit by the homebuyer. The threat of a lawsuit is a deterrent for the contractor/builder who may retaliate by waiving off suing rights by signing one of the legal documents. Subsequently, the contractor who was unresponsive and had bolted would take the initiative of contacting the homebuyer.

The homebuyer may ask the contractor to share copies of all relevant documents. If there is documentary evidence of waiving off suing rights amongst other rights then, in that case, it gets complicated, someone with little or no experience at all in real estate law ought to refer the case to an expert real-estate lawyer after providing initial legal advice.   

Land laws, rules and regulations

Through networking, the extent of involvement in these matters is transparent. One may realize how land laws, rules, and regulations may affect one's daily lives. It can be intriguing knowing what is it that the property lawyers exactly do and more importantly how? The answer partially is - there are land law courses that qualify them to practice property law.

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