INHERITANCE PROPERTY WAS DIVIDED BETWEEN THE PARTIES (ALL ARE BROTHERS) IN THE MEDIATION COURT. But one party was placed as ex-party and properties divided. FDP also done, Yet the final judgement of FDP in pending. Some of the properties were not divided properly to EX-PARTY. All other members taken the properties where they want in FDP. In some properties roads are not left to the share allotted to the name of ex-party.
In mediation court leaving to ex-party all other parties compromised. Now the ex-party bearing with loss because of other party’s fraud compromise.
1. My query is there any rules how to divide the property to each party as per law.
2. Court commissioner was appointed by the court also the friend of defendant & petitioners. In this situation how, the ex-party to act to get the justice.
3. Is there any chances that other parties can make any over writing or fraud to FDP.
4. Petitioner sold a property to third party. Which is allotted to his share in FDP. How ex-party can raise his voice on this issue.
5. Now other parties demanding 2lakhs from ex-party, as court & lawyer fee. In this ex-party can know how much he to bear for court & lawyer fees.
6. Ex – party was made farmer in early of his age from childhood by other parties. To look over the inheritance property. Is there any chances that ex-party can get any extra share in inheritance property.
7. If EX-PARTY goes to court, with the consult of lawyer. What would be the court fee & lawyer fees.
8. How the ex-party to act in this situation.

Please advise.

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Responded 4 years ago

A.X party should file application for setting aside the xparty order for not appearance in court proceedings in spite of knowledge of the same if allowed you could stake your claim as per law and generally it will be equal as per law, advocate fee depends lawyers whom you consult, take proposal from advocates for their work, if you agree carry on don't delay later it will be difficulty for recall the court order,, BOL

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