Mapping of existing regular employees   to a regular position in new rules Mapping of existing regular employees to a regular position in new rules

I have recruited and regularized as per the terms and conditions of the appointment letter and Recruitment Rule prevailing at that point of time MHRD, Govt. of India 2014. The Ministry of education issued gazette of India dated 24 July 2017 for recruitment of faculty in NIT & regular post was Pay Level 12 Assistant Professor Grade I.
The benefit of mapping ("Schedule 'E' Note 1: pt 6 in the gazette of India dated 24 July 2017) is provided for permanent faculty above 50 years, who do not have a Ph.D. degree, in the grade pay of `7000 & 8000/-, is being accorded but, on the other hand, permanent faculty less than 50 years having a Ph.D. degree is not being likewise mapped even to regular. Ostensibly, on the ground that they are not above 50 years. The mapping of regular to the regular employees for below 50 Years with a Ph.D. was not mentioned in the new rules.
Therefore I am regularized in the old recruitment rules in the same post, same pay scale & Grade pay, pay scale 10 (AGP 6000 only), and the only designation changed to Assistant Professor to Assistant Professor Grade-II with office order. Assistant Professor Grade-II was also a contract post as per new rules.

I fulfill all conditions i.e., educational qualification, Experience, credit point mentioned in the new rules "Schedule 'E' w.e.f 10/03/2018. Provide please legal solution and reference judgment in a similar case for automatic mapping of an existing regular employee to the regular employee in new rules without an interview w.e.f 10/03/2018. This issue comes under administrative law in Punjab & Haryana High court Chandigarh. The respondent will be the union of India.

No Consultancy fees, No advance, other, etc. paid now, and during the case, due to financial crises during this time, I can't be able to pay. The full & final payment will be settled only on winning the case and receiving an office order within 3 Years from the date of filing case. The mapping to the regular post Pay Level 12, Assistant Professor Grade I should be given, w.e.f. 10/03/2018. Interested advocates can contact me and send a quotation.

Abhimanyu Shandilya

Responded 1 year ago

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A.This is a good case to go ahead with your right to move the court and get proper justice.You need to file a writ petition in High Court to get the relief and justice that you are looking forward to. Ensure that you have all the papers, documents and supporting evidence in place to move the court.

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