My Company Deducting Gratuity on CTC not on Basic My Company Deducting Gratuity on CTC not on Basic

Hi, my CTC is 25745 and my Basic salary is 14625. My company is deducting 4% (1030) gratuity on my CTC not on Basic.
I want to know that is this right process ?? or my company is doing something wrong with employees. Because when i asked then to calculate my gratuity amount then they calculated on basic salary.

Adv Chakrapani Madupu

Responded 11 months ago

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A.Hope your HR might have explained every thing during joining formalities of the employment. CTC = Cost to the company

for payment of gratuity the computation is done on Basic. Pls read your complaint properly employer might have kept reserve for your gratuity which is payable only on exit of employment ( but should have completed 5 years of service )

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