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Iam serving in a government department since last 23 years as steno. 1998 I joined in Advocate General's office, High Court Building, now im in Vidhana Soudha since 2012. My parents expired in an accident in the year 1994 and i was a minor taken care of by my uncle and he has entered as Christian in all my school records. My father was a govt. servant in Education Department and in his service register his caste is mentioned as Adi-Dravida, Scheduled Caste. Hence, on that basis I applied in Civil Court in the year 2012 for declaring my caste and correction in school records. After I got my judgment in my favour, I was informed by the Education Authorities that Civil Court is not the jurisdiction to declare the caste and to make necessary corrections in school records they required caste certificate, I approached Social Welfare Department and Caste Verification Committee to scrutinize my father's caste and declare my caste too. Thereafter, I on the directions of Social Welfare Department to the concerned Tahsildar, I was issued caste certificate in the year 2020. Then my office Authorities (State Government) wrote a letter to the Social Welfare Department for validity of my caste. There also after due verification, they have issued Sindutva Certificate (Validity Certificate). Subsequently, I gave a representation in my office to include my caste in the service register and grant me consequential benefits as a Scheduled Caste. But the authorities asked my father's death certificate which i had already produced to all the authorities. In that my grand father name is K.C. Rajagopal alia Andrew. They have noticed my grandfather's name as Alias Andrew and have sent my Sindutva Certificate (Validity) for re-verification. Please help me in this regard as to how to overcome this situation. I have not suppressed any facts to any of the authorities. Only based on my father's records I have approached the authorities. Since I am in a Government Job will it affect my career ? Pl do advise. Thanks in advance.

Kishan Dutt Kalaskar Retired Judge

Responded 1 year ago

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A.Dear Sir,
You require full fledged legal advise on the basis of documents. Please share hard copies of documents and get legal advise.


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