Bihar excise act Bihar excise act

My elder brother was engaged in Liquor selling,and he used to keep liquor in home,despite My family was against it,once police came in my home,and I was alone in my home,and police recovered 2-3Litr liquor,Althougj I know i am morally correct,but I escaped from there,and my father was arrested and they took 20k rs as a bribe to release my father at night on tha same day,And my father was forced to ask my name bcz i escaped from there,and they they lodged Fir against me!I am a civil services aspirant,I am in so anxiety that I lose my character!What should i do?


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A.Dear sir, you have to file for harassment complaint against the police who did this, since it is the rule, that if a person is caught drinking alcohol in Bihar, he/she will be fined ₹2000- ₹5000. If he/she doesn't pay the fine,he/she is to undergo 30-days imprisonment

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