Tenant not vacating house and giving rent since 8 months Tenant not vacating house and giving rent since 8 months

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Tenant not vacating house and giving rent since 8 months. I am 70 years old and could not withstand the situation as could not sleep at night. Tenant also not paying the electricity bill since 2 months which is adding my tension of meter disconnection. Someone told that legal action will drag the case and I will not be able to vacate my house for next 5-6 years which is adding my tension more. I have the blank signed cheque of tenant, a note where he signed to vacate the house by 31st August without any action. Moreover when I use to call him, he is threatening that If something happened to me, what will be of my family. I am not sure where to go. Please advise.


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A.Dear client, in my humble suggestion, you can get a legal notice issued in order to address this situation.

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