My father had gifted a property to my mother My father had gifted a property to my mother

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My father had gifted a property to my mother and then he filed a case by saying that she made it by fraud. My mother won the case in lower court as well as in Senior civil court. Property consists of house and shop. My mother gave house for rent from past 3years and now she want to give a shop for rent also. But my father had put a lock on that shop. Now the shop has 2 locks- one put by my mom and other one by my father. We have already broken lock put by my father. My father comes near the property simply and always starts fighting with my mom and threatning rent people, people scare to take the shop for rent, if we go to police station to give complaint against my father, as police fed up of our case and police are shouting on us that they put section 107 and 150 on both parties and scaring us. In police station my father says I am appealing to high court within another 2 days notice will be issued and all. Till now I din't receive any notice from HC. It has been 9 months we got judgement now.. I am not getting any help from police station. I don't have any source of income.

Some people gave me suggestion that, you explain all these facts to court that my opponent is troubling me alot, I am not able to face him and I am helpless lady, and court will send some persons to police station and court will make to arrest him. Is this possible? Please guide me how I proceed further? Please i am urgent need ??..


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A.Dear client, in my humble suggestion, if the property belongs to your mother, she cannot be harassed in this way and you can approach the court to put forth your grievance.

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