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I had been out of town for 2 days and asked my friend to stay home as i have a pet that needed some one. Her son was ill and she has medical documents for the same of appolo hospital. She was busy in her son and fed my dog but didt get time to clean his poop someone from our apartment share that picture to a NGO and they WITHOUT talking about it with me posted the same with my address on social media Twitter. Claiming that we r not keeping our pet nicely. Tagging UP police and AOA n all police came home she was alone with her mother and one year old son without any lady constable or a warrant and barged in the house screaming at her that they will file a fir against her if she doesn't allow them in. On the other hand the picture posted by that NGO had 152 views and people posting we should be punishable for such misbehaviour with an animal ect the NGO didt even contact us to investigate before posting the same online. We r mentally harras by multiple people calling us shouting at us that we are cruel bad ect her son my friends is high on fever and couldn't get proper medical attention. Could you suggest what can we do any such neighbors and this NGO


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A.Dear Client,

Please consult a lawyer near you and file a petition against the Ngo and the police for harassment and immediate return of your dog. The court will assess the situation and pass a judgement which ensures justice is prevailed.

Thank you so much, I hope this answer helped you.

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