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Q.Buyer not transferring ownership name on Bike RC
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Q. Buyer not transferring ownership name on Bike RC

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posted 5 months ago

I have sell my bike but buyer has done cheating with me.i have sell letter , buyer purchasing affidavit & buyer adhar card. One cheating also done with me that buyer told me that his age is 19 & in purchasing affidavit he put his age 19.But after some days when I verify the buyer adhar card . Address & name match same as on adhar card but in adhar card buyer real age is 17.he has done editing on his age before purchasing & give me the editing Xerox adhar card. Totally buyer has done fraudgiri with me. Sir his acctual age is 17 . Is it is legally to sell bike to 17 years boy.when I was selling my bike he told me that he is 19 year. Buyer also put his age on purchasing affidavit that he is 19 years.Sir totally fraudgiri has done with me. Sir buyer not receiving my phone & not coming to transfer ownership name on bike RC. Sir totally I am going in depression ! Sir what should I have to do ! Kindly help me sir
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A. Dear Client,
As I understand there are several irregularities in this transaction.
In order to save yourself first report the matter to the Police in writing .
Selling a bike to the under age person is illegal and against the law o f the land.
2.He will also be caught for forgery/cheating etc.
The other side of the story is if your vehicle is caught in some crime,rape, murder, accident which claims life, sex, drugs related issues you will be much trouble.
Informing Police and saving yourself now will be less costly than spending the time in four walls of the jail.
The choice is yours.
Shanti Ranjan Behera,

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Shanti Ranjan Behera

Experience: 22 Year(s)

Responded 5 months ago

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A. Dear Sir,
Get issue a legal notice and lodge a complaint with police and RTO.

For full procedure contact me on mobile through Vidhikarya.

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A. Go to the nearest RTO office and make complaint against them. As we as police station

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Rameshwar Dadhe

Experience: 2 Year(s)

Responded 5 months ago

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