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In the Present day scenario as the land costs are raising everyday and also the cost of property development, Investments have been raising drastically year on year & has been a big contribution for the GDP of the country. Thus for every one to purchase a Property by making huge investment should ensure that the property documents are legally valid & they get a legal right over the property to enjoy the same absolutely. Here is the check list below provided to be verified by a legal expert before buying a property. Though Documents may vary depending upon the history of property.

Title Deeds/ Mother Deed of the land

RTC/Pahani of land

Mutation Entry of land

IHC Certificate

Nil Tenancy Certificate

Family tree



Land Survey records,

Survey Assessment


Village map

Index of lands

RR balbagh

Secondary reclass tippani

Endorsement issued by Assistant Commissioner under sec.79A & B of KLRA & under sec.4 of PTCL Act

Registered Partition Deed/s

Registered Sale Deed/s

Registered Gift Deed (If any executed)

Will/s(If any executed)

Mortgage Deed and Discharge Deed (If land was mortgaged for any banks to secure loans)

Encumbrance certificate of land/s for past 30 years

Tax paid receipts

Registered Joint Development Agreement Executed between Builder & Land lord/s

Registered General Power of Attorney Executed by Land lord/s in favor of Builder

Conversion order issued by Deputy commissioner permitting the conversion & use of agriculture land to Non-Agriculture residential use.

Conversion fees paid challan/receipt

Permission for change of land use

Building Approved plan And License

Plan sanction issued by Competent Authority

Commencement Certificate

NOC from BWSSB, BESCOM, KSPCB, HAL, BSNL, SEIAA, Fire Department, Airport Authority of India

House & Vacant Site register extract

Betterment charges paid receipt

Work Order issued by Competent Authority

Katha certificate

Completion & Occupancy Certificate

RERA Registration certificate

Encumbrance certificate of flat

Posted On : June 23, 2020

Written By :
Sharada H v
Sharada H v
Bangalore |

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