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Q. My Uncle is now going away from my mother's agricultural land

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posted 1 month ago

question iconMy Uncle is now going away from my mother's agricultural land

My mom got 0.9 Acres of agricultural land as a dowry from my Maternal grand father. He used to work and give us some amount per year as compensation. 3 Years back my grandfather was ill and he won't be able to work anymore ( He died 2 months back) . My uncle took over that land as a lease farmer and 1st year he gave us compensation but from past 2 years he is not giving any money. We are having some financial problem now and want to sell that land. Now my Uncle is threatening he will not allow us to sell that land and will not give any compensation also ( He is falsely accusing my grandfather gave some money in return he will keep this land ). This is 100% false argument and don't have any proofs. How can we throw him from my mother's land so that we can sell that land peace fully ( We have 100% original documents, He has nothing )

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Advocate Sinjari  Bandyopadhyaya

Advocate Sinjari Bandyopadhyaya

Responded 1 month ago

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A.If there is any Lease Agreement, then it is required to be scrutinized to analyze its terms and conditions to give opinion. It is necessary to file Title Suit in Civil Court for eviction of that Lessee.

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