Online shopping company megaprime of Rajkot Gujarat fraud Online shopping company megaprime of Rajkot Gujarat fraud

Megaprime company of Rajkot Gujarat has committed an online shopping fraud by taking payment of several buyers all over the India and then shut down their websites permanently and never delivered the products . cancelled their GSTIN number and mobiles switched off. Not found at given company address . their courier topsunexpress are also untraceable.
My question is that we should file a consumer protection case or cyber crime or other criminal case under which sections. What's the fastest and economical way . Can a group of people file at some consolidated platform irrespective of their jurisdiction area of crime


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A.Dear Client,
Go to your local police station and register an FIR, if they don't register the same make a criminal complaint to the magistrate. After that, the police officers are well equipped to handle such situations.
Thank you

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