Will i pay stamp duty and registration charges or it will automatically transferred to my name for free Will i pay stamp duty and registration charges or it will automatically transferred to my name for free

1 year ago

We have 5 lands and we are 5 brothers. 4 land registered in our father's name and 1 name is in our big brother's name.Our father was passed away without any will. So we mutually decide and did a partition deed. In the partition deed there is written the property which was in big brother's name will be transferred to me. And the property which were in father's name will transferred to other 4 brothers.

*Will i have to pay 5% stamp duty and 2℅ registration charge* in odisha to register my plot which was in my brother's name but in partition deed it is written it will transfer to me. And will my 4 brothers pay any charge on registering their property which is in father's name?


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A.Dear client, in my humble suggestion, these things depend on local laws, hence, it is advisable to consult a local lawyer.

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