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Child custody - My wife cheated me Child custody - My wife cheated me

1 year ago

My wife cheated me by presenting herself as a doctor when in fact she is only 12th and she kept on cheating me for 1 year after marriage. She has cheated hospitals by working as a doctor. She has cheated society by enrolling her name as doctor in marriage bureau. She had filed case against her own father of outraging her modesty ( 345,354 ) in 2017 and her father is acquitted in 2022. Also there is element of mental cruelty in my case as she threatened me of divorce complaint. She abducted with 10 days old child in corona period and from then has done parental alienation. She has filed false DV complaint and false police complaint .She has not followed high court orders frequently and not bringing child for visitation . She has filed false DV case. I am a doctor and my mother and father too are doctors. My mother is a housewife. Entire pregnancy and delivery of my wife was carried by us and also marriage ceremony. I have child aged 2 years and child is with my wife. She is only 12th and no relatives supporting her because of her case against her own father. She lives with her mother. My child appears malnourished and there is high possibility that she has missed child vaccination and neglected child . I have always supported child by sending online items for child's growth and sending money online per month. Child welfare surely lies with me as I can provide better care, better and timely medical facilities, better environment, gud moral and ethical values , better identity as an individual . What are chances of me getting child custody when I have all affirmmative points by my side??


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A.Dear Client!

In this case you have a good chance in succeeding custody of your child. You need to prove that child care is not being taken properly by the mother and the vaccination is missed.

Further, bring the child in the court and show that the child is malnourished and there is a lack of care insipte getting monthly maintenance for the child, then there is high probability that child custody shall be given to you.

Further also prove that your wife has falsely represented herself as a Doctor.

Do file a police complaint against her for cheating and false representation and enrolling as a doctor. That will put additional burden upon your wife snd she would be forced to give custody of the child.

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