How To Register Complaint In Cyber Cell?

Posted On : March 25, 2022
How To Register Complaint In Cyber Cell?
Congratulations, you have won a lottery amount of Rs 50 Lakh. To redeem the amount won, kindly share your bank details at XYZ number. Have you ever received such messages or emails which immediately lift the mood? The expected answer is in affirmation since it is quite normal these days. But this is not something legal because you actually do not win any lottery amount and the sender only needs your bank account details to commit a financial fraud against you. If you fall prey to such tempting messages, in the end, you are robbed of the hard earned money due to unwarranted greed. This is a form of cyber crimes in India. Know how to register complaint in cyber cell in online as well as offline mode hereunder.
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What is Cyber Crime?

Crime in general can be understood as any act declared unlawful through the law of the nation. When such an unlawful act is committed through technical platforms like computer or communication device or computer network as a facility, it is called cyber crime. Examples of cyber crimes include child pornography, financial frauds, cyber stalking, bullying, identity theft, etc. 

Since the internet and the abovementioned communication means have become too handy in the recent years, the instances of crimes through these means have also risen. The National Cyber Crime Complaint Portal came into operation on August 30, 2019 as a centralized mechanism introduced by the Ministry of Home Affairs for online cyber crime reporting. As per the PIB report dated March 9, 2021, a total of 317439 cyber crime incidents were reported till February 28, 2021. The number includes 21562 cyber crime complaints resulting in 87 FIRs registered in Karnataka, and 50806 cyber crime complaints and 534 FIRs registered in Maharashtra. 


How Can I Report Cyber Crime in India?

When it is about a complaint against a crime, victims or their related persons are supposed to reach out to nearest police stations to report the crime. This path can also be followed for cyber crime complaint in India. However, there are other ways as well, i.e. the cyber crime complaint portal. It is a special platform for online cyber crime reporting where victims can lodge complaints regardless of their location within minutes. The process of ‘how to register cyber crime complaint online’ also reveals that cyber crime complaint portal allows anonymous complaints as well. Hence, victim is not necessarily required to reveal their identity in case the matter involves instances of child pornography, sexting, etc. They can also register complaint in cyber cell. Registration of cyber crime complaints, depending upon the facts, is registered as an FIR by the authorities and taken up further. If things reach the trial phase, parties to the case, i.e. complainant and the suspect/ accused shall need cyber crime lawyer for legal assistance. 


How to Register Complaint in Cyber Cell? 

For ease of victims of cyber crimes in India, the Ministry of Home Affairs has provided various ways to register their complaints. They can visit the district cyber cell as per their location which shall also decide the jurisdiction, However, online cyber crime reporting can also be done through the cyber crime complaint portal. The complainant can also connect with the concerned authorities through cyber cell helpline number, i.e.1930.

How to Register Cyber Crime Complaint Online?

Given below are the steps to be followed by victims for online cyber crime reporting:

  • Visit the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal at
  • For women/ child related crimes, click on the button. You may also report anonymously, i.e. without revealing your identity.
  • Otherwise, click on the ‘Report Other Cyber Crime’ button.
  • Another page will open which allows you to have more information about cyber crimes. Here, click on the ‘File a complaint’ button.
  • This will lead to another page which requires visitors to read some FAQs and acknowledge the conditions over information provided hereby. Click on the ‘I Accept’ button.
  • The next page for online cyber crime reporting is for ‘Citizen Login’. Here, the visitors have to click on the ‘Click Here for New User’ button if they are complaining about cyber crimes for the first time.
  • You have to select your state, enter your login ID (you can also enter your email ID), mobile number and click on ‘Get OTP’ button. You will receive a one-time-password (OTP) which has to be entered in the box that follows.
  • Enter the captcha code which requires easy calculations and then click on ‘Submit’ button.
  • Next, complainant details, i.e. the person against whom a cyber crime took place, have to be entered.
  • Select the category of crime from the list provided. If your facts do not fall in any of the specific cyber crimes, select any other crime option. 
  • You will have to provide details of the incident as to when and where the cyber crime took place, etc. Make sure to provide all the details in options that are marked with a red star. Others can be skipped to move further with the ‘Save and Next’ button.
  • The next page gives the option of providing details if the complainant suspects the cyber crime offender.
  • Next, the victim/ complainant for cyber crimes and Police Station details have to be entered carefully based on the jurisdiction as per the area where cyber crime took place.
  • Save and Preview the details, acknowledge that the details provided thereby are all true. After submission, an ‘Acknowledgement Number’ or the cyber cell complaint number will pop-up on the screen which is important for any further step. It will be received through messages as well.
  • Status reports will also be shared with the complainant through text messages. 

Evident Documents for Cyber Crime Complaints

Just like an FIR, cyber crime complaints also require the victims to provide certain evidence (proofs) to prove the incidence and how it falls within the ambit of crime. Given below are the evidence which a complainant may be required while lodging a cyber crime complaint online or otherwise:

  • Copy of Incidence
  • Screenshots of the incidence (For example, Email, Whatsapp chats, Url)
  • Bank statements in case of financial frauds
  • Copyright certificate 
  • Transaction details
  • Email ID/ phone number used for communication
  • Copy of SMSs
  • Any other document which supports the complainant’s version


Quick Information for Cyber Crimes Complaint



Cyber Crimes Helpline Number


Cyber Crime Complaint Portal


Depends upon incident - Screenshots/ transaction details/copied content on Url

Offline Complaint

Nearest Police Station or Cyber Cell


This was an attempt to make readers aware of how to register complaint in cyber cell in the easiest way possible. In this high-tech world where the latest gadgets are found even in the pockets of citizens who otherwise fall under the Below Poverty Line (BPL) category, regulation of the communication modes is a must. Users must be aware of the possible cyber crimes and protect themselves from any kind of harm, be it finances, reputation, physical or mental health, etc. 


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Ridhi Khurana

Ridhi Khurana


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