I want to get my land's papers verified I want to get my land's papers verified

I want to purchace a land in Kolkata, I have the papers of the land, I want it to get verified


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A.Dear client, you can meet a lawyer for the same. In case you don't want to have a lawyer you can also verify it online.
Once you have the papers handy, you can conduct a document verification process online without consulting a lawyer using either of the two methods mentioned below:

You can read extensively about how to check property documents on a few trusted websites. You will get a lot of material online to understand the procedure. After a clear understanding of the same, you may start the document verification process.Another way to verify the documents is by logging on to a website that offers this service. In this way, you won’t have to pay a visit to the lawyer and pay a hefty fee to get the documents verified. Nor would you be required to read and understand the legalities involved in the process. These websites check property documents online without consuming much of your time. They do not even dig a hole in your pocket during the process. Here’s how to check property documents online:

Log on to a reliable website that provides such a service
Fill in the application form by providing some basic informationRefer to the list of documents provided by the website to know which documents are required to conduct the verification process. The documents are likely to be more or less the same as those mentioned above.As the officers on the website begin scrutinizing your property documents online, they may raise some questions. You ought to ensure that their queries are replied to promptly to complete the verification process smoothly

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