Q. UPSC IAS pre 2019 exam

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posted 6 months ago

Q.UPSC IAS pre 2019 exam
I gave UPSC ( EXAMINATION NOTICE NO. 04/2019-CSP ) Preliminary examination held on 02 june 2019 at Gorakhpur,U.P.

During Second paper i.e CSAT ,while filling the OMR sheet, I wrongly filled or bubbled my Roll No

I reported to invigilator about the wrongly filled bubbled in OMR sheet and asked the invigilator to replace my OMR sheet with new one but he refused to do that.I repeatedly requested to invigilator to replace the OMR sheet but he was annoyed by my request and told me that OMR sheet cannot be replaced.

Finally at 2:25 PM before starting of actual exam of CSAT,he gave me Knife ,so that i can scrub the wrongly filled or bubbled OMR sheet ,which i have to do at last.

Kindly brief me on following points.

1. Does OMR sheet can be changed ,if old OMR sheet is filled with wrong credentials by candidate during the examination.What Rule /record/Material at hand of UPSC says.

a) If yes ,What is the procedure and to whom I should refer to change my OMR and does training is imparted to invigilator about changing of OMR.What Rule /record/Material at hand of UPSC says.

b) If No, how the candidate is supposed to give examination with wrong credential and is totally vulnerable during the exam which causes lot of harassment and mental torture because whole years of preparation and attempt goes in vain

2. If OMR sheet can be changed and invigilator is not changing the OMR sheet and harassing the candidate with his inadequate knowledge.Whom to report the incident and what action can be taken against invigilator.What Rule /record/Material at hand of UPSC says.

3. Does UPSC members are there at center during the exam for reporting any untoward incident.What Rule /record/Material at hand of UPSC says.

4.Is there any procedure where candidate can know the UPSC member details coming to center during the exam via. admit card or UPSC member name and phone number where displayed at center before the exam so that if any problem arises ,candidate can contact directly to them for his or her problem and avoid last minute harassment and vulnerability.What Rule /record/Material at hand of UPSC says.

5. If invigilator misbehave with any candidate by not giving answer sheet or question paper or OMR sheet ,whom to report such harassemnt and what action UPSC is taking against such delinquent invigilator.Shall candidate should go for FIR in local police station.What Rule /record/Material at hand of UPSC says.

6. Why UPSC are not taking examination in university or colleges level where invigilator (means teachers who are graduate and post graduate) are more matured as they know the gravity of examination and candidate pressure to deal such type of examination .What Rule /record/Material at hand of UPSC says.

7. Is strict instruction are given to Invigilators at center about conducting the examination and there likely implication if not followed properly.What Rule /record/Material at hand of UPSC says.

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Shreyash Mohta

Experience: 2 Year(s)

Responded 5 months ago

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A. ) Consult me personally through Vidhikarya.

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Replied 4 months ago

What to do in such type of situation where time ,mind set and writing answer is more important .Also whole year of hard work goes in vain

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Shreyash Mohta

Experience: 2 Year(s)

Replied 3 months ago

Kindly consult me for in depth consultancy.

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