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I done business with few customer. They refused to give the payment, I done it without bill cuz on trust. I don't have address of them either any proof except contact no. I have to get around 1lakh f

Posted 1 week ago

A. Dear Client without nay address proof and bill it will be difficult for you or anyone to pursue the case and get your money from them. If you have their email ids then one can send a legal notice to their email ids asking them to pay the due amount.
I am running an eCommerce business and sometimes some customers are abusive towards my teammates or towards me due to no or silly reasons. We have set our standards high for us always and we do not wa

Posted 4 months ago

A. Hi,
Hello you have all right to take action against such customers for abusing employees. But for that you'll have to record the call for betterment of your service. And inform your customer prior to picking up the call that this call is being recorded. And if any one abuses you'll have the proof to show and take action against such people.
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Krishan Kumar

Defective marbles sold Money took on line and no bill is given

Posted 5 months ago

A. Dear Sir,
You may lodge complaint with concerned department to cancel his license and also lodge complaint with police. Your overall evidence coupled with evidence of others may be taken into consideration to register FIR by seizing other marbles which are now available in his shop.

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I bought an Acer Swift-3 laptop from an e-commerce website and the warranty will expire in July 2021. I log a complaint to Acer regarding the display problem, a serviceman comes and checks the display

Posted 5 months ago

A. Dear Sir
They are trying to see that warranty period is expired. Get issue a legal notice and threaten them to approach consumer forum to claim compensation.
Saumitra  Salunke
Saumitra Salunke
Amrendra  Kumar
Amrendra Kumar
Pardeep Kumar Dhiman  Dhiman
Pardeep Kumar Dhiman Dhiman


Cani I file an FIR against a Private Limited company for non-payment of Invoices? IF yes under which sections and sub sections it will proceed. (we sale goods to a party on credit period of 60 days an

Posted 6 months ago

A. why they have to inform you before changing address ?

First send legal notice through lawyer.
If then also not paid then can file recovery suit.


In Aug 2019 sent 59000 (Gst invoice) rs gooda to a company but company not pay yet.What to do ? Is there any provision of interest in late payment ?

Posted 1 year ago

A. You may get issue a strong legal notice
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Saaransh Jain

I have hired a website developer and paid 15000 as advance. Now he is making lame excuses and not working and also not refunding my money back. What can be the solution ?

Posted 1 year ago

A. You can threaten him to spoil he career by putting low ranking on him on social net work like face book etc..

Deepak Chaudhary

Hi everyone... I need ur kind attention here please. My case is regarding the sale of a mobile cover. My wife has ordered a mobile cover from a person who lives in mumbai. He said that he would send t

Posted 3 years ago

A. Check out whether the local police treat this complaint as FIR. If required contact a local lawyer from Vidhikarya.
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