Can I challenge gift deed on account of succession Can I challenge gift deed on account of succession

My Grandfather died in 1989 leaving behind a house built up on 200 sq yds. In a couple of years that property got transferred on my grandmother's name via a relinquishment deed executed by my father (single child). In 1998 my GM gifted 80 sq yds to my father via a gift deed and later debarred him.\n\nIn 2003 my GM executed a registered Gift deed and transferred remaining 120sq yds to a Hindu trust in haridwar. She has died last year. Posession of property is with the ashram people as stayed with them in the said property.\n\nCan me and my brother challenge the gift deed on account of succession?


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A.Dear client, A gift deed can be challenged in court if the deed is prepared forcefully by the owner of the property or without the consent of the owner of the property.

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