Seeking for divorce - MC against my husband Seeking for divorce - MC against my husband

I have filed MC against my husband and seeking for divorce, since we are not living the together from last 2years, due to his extra material affairs dowry and family conflict,. I have first hearing from court on 19th August.
My question are:
1. How do I get to know whether my husband received notice from court (i checked with my lawyer he didn't give proper answer)
2. What will happen if my husband purposely denying to receive notice and not attend the court
3. Is it possible to resend the notice to my husband ( if he had not received) before first hearing
4. Is it possible to change the lawyer if i feel current lawyer is not confident enough to run the case

Please help me with your valuable suggestions

Kishan Dutt Kalaskar Retired Judge

Responded 1 month ago

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A.Dear Madam,
It is a repeated question and you should not repeat your questions which may give trouble to the expert lawyers to answer.

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