Property Dispute - Fully purchased by Income of Husband in Spouse Name.... Property Dispute - Fully purchased by Income of Husband in Spouse Name....

1 year ago

Husband purchased Residential House from his Income in the name of his Spouse for the family to live. But now Spouse claims it is her property because of her legal name in documents & forcing husband to vacate the house by legal & illegal means, and also filing for legal separation for her personal vested interest. So is it claimable by the Husband, since all the banking transactions paid from the account & income of Husband is evidence & proof for the purchase of property. Spouse did not had any source of income during the past 12+ years to buy the property.

Kishan Dutt Kalaskar Retired Judge

Responded 1 year ago

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A.Dear Sir,

The husband has to file suit for declaration saying that out of love and affection and out of emotions he got registration in the name of his wife. Simply because it is registered in her name it cannot become her property since she has not invested any amount in purchasing the said property.

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