Grandsons Rights over Grandfathers Property Grandsons Rights over Grandfathers Property

From Karnataka, My father Basavaraju got some land from his father shivanna in 1990/91 that is when Shivanna distributed all his property to his 3 sons through Panchayath Partition and BASAVARAJU is one of his son. The land was not registered in subregistrar.
And the land was registered to My father Basavaraju 30 years ago. BASAVARAJU has 2 wife's, First wife is deceased and 2 Sons belongs to 1st wife, 2nd wife has 1 son.
Now as Grandson do I have right on the property wch my father got from his father.? If Yes, How will it be divided.?


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A.Dear client,
Since this is an ancestoral property every son will get an equal share in the property.

Hope it helps.

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