When proofs were not able to submit from respondents side in divorce case When proofs were not able to submit from respondents side in divorce case

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Husband had filed divorce case based on mental cruelty.He collected & produced emails as proofs in court by provoking wife,without Loving , protecting and considering wife . With that mental state wife had send emails to husband because of irritation and frustration. During hearing time wife admitted the emails were send by her when judge said he wont allow divorce based on emails after hearing wife's side. But later new judge came in place. During that time wife gave email proofs against husband to advocate. But advocate did not filed proofs in court. And husband got divorce. After seeing the divorce order wife came to know that ,in divorce order it was clearly stated that there was no proofs against husband & conjugal rights of restitution case was not filed so wife is not interested to live with husband . Wife did not know about conjugal rights of restitution case can be filed. Went for appeal in high court there also proof were not filed. Went for appeal in Supreme court and filed proofs then got divorce order stayed, but in later stage judges were not ready to hear advocate and in single statement said they are not interested to interfere in high court's judgement order and dismissed the appeal case .Please le me know what to do in this case. Is there any way to submit proofs now. Wife side were not able to prove as wife got metal torture and harassement and replied through emails with victim mentality as there were no other communication channels to speak to husband when he deserted wife and left dubai.


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A.Dear sir, take a chance and it cannot be assured that you will get that benefit unless you get legal divorce from the court.

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