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My brother jointly with my mother filed a case they too have rights on my land with will document but already we divided all the properties equally between my brothers and sisters.on the time inspite will documents gets cancelled due to dividing herediatary property equal between us.but now my brother with help of mother on will document filling case on me in police station then they checked documents and got a written order from my mother that she doesnot have any right on that land and also informed her will document not valid now.then she moved on to cm special cell , land grabbing department etc all of them checked documents from me and they informed her that will document gets null valid from the time when she partitioned their property among their sons and daughter so he only have rights on this property and lamd grabbing special court gives me injunction order on that property that i have full rights on them. but now they again filed a case on district court the chief judge says to submit evidence and witness on both sides and i have submitted all documents related to property and again they submittng will document to chief judge amd they refered throughly them and judge scoulds my mother and brother severly that the will document not valid now and they not donot gets rights this property and ask any evidence other but they said no and even they donot any wittness to the court but now i have tight financial issue i need sell that land and their only 2 vaithas to proceed in court me and my witness crossing only left yet and the judgement too favors me with the injunction order provided by land grabbing special court can i sell the land now

Kishan Dutt Kalaskar Retired Judge

Responded 3 years ago

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A.Dear Sir,
The description given by you is so lengthy, please make it short and re-submit, as experts have no time to spare as this is free and charity work.

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